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The San Francisco Chapter of the Berkeley-Haas Alumni Network is offering “Pay What You Want” pricing for this event. It is entirely up to you what you pay to attend this event. Pay whatever you like. We want to know what this event is worth to you. Any surplus remaining after we cover our costs for this event will be used to support future events for the San Francisco Chapter of the Berkeley-Haas Alumni Network.

Resonance Executive Coaching normally charges $3,500 to present to private groups. For 20 people, that’s $175 per person. They have agreed to donate all proceeds from this workshop back to our chapter.


Whether you’re currently in a management role or would like to work your way up to an executive position, this is a must-attend session. Daniel Kimble, CEO of Resonance Executive Coaching, will lead a session on achieving peak performance in your professional career.

The workshop will focus on Storytelling for Maximum Influence. The truth is that what inspires and enrolls people more than anything else is hearing compelling and engaging stories that clearly illustrate your insights and paint a clear picture of where you’re heading. Information is worth very little unless it’s boiled down to a few key insights and presented in a way that inspires people to take new and different action that drives better results.

Storytelling is part art and part craft. Many believe you either have it or you don’t. In actuality, it’s very much a learnable skill. This ability is most crucial for executives where business opportunities can be huge, and the ability to convey that opportunity in a way that inspires and moves people into action is paramount. In this highly interactive talk, you will learn the reasons why executives are most inspired by stories, and how to construct and deliver your own compelling stories.


Daniel is the CEO of Resonance Executive Coaching, a Silicon Valley-based firm specializing in peak performance and leadership for CEOs and executives. He is the author of the forthcoming book, Unstoppable Influence: 7 C-Suite Leadership Imperatives for Making Your Dent in the Universe. Daniel is an executive coach, keynote speaker, and a 20+ year veteran of Silicon Valley.

He is the creator of The 80 Percent Leadership Solution, a highly practical leadership and team coaching approach that rapidly gets to the heart of the matter and drives real business value in record time.

Daniel holds executive MBA degrees from both UC Berkeley and Columbia University, a bachelor’s degree in computer science from UC Santa Cruz, and an executive coaching certificate from UC Berkeley.

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Experience expert coaching focused on maximizing your leadership performance. They are experts in coaching executives, leaders and high potentials with an expertise in employee engagement, authentic leadership, team-building, presence, inspirational speaking, storytelling, emotional intelligence, communication and stress management.

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