Are fewer women entering finance? Are women making it to the top? How are they doing it?

Want answers? Join us once again as we return to our not-to-be missed panel discussion series on one of the hottest topics in town – Women in Finance.


Remember our fabulous Women in Tech event? We had a soldout crowd of way more than our maximum of 100 attendees. Everyone asked when our next such event would be. Well, this is it!

Our panel of outstanding women executives will discuss their own experiences leading successful careers in finance.

Our speakers include Carrie Dolan, former Lending Club CFO; Rebecca Macieira-Kaufman, Head of Citigroup’s International Personal Bank US; and Sandra Bragar, Director – Wealth Management at Aspiriant.

This event is a work in progress but we didn’t want to waste any time in alerting you to save the date – Tuesday May 23. We’ll provide details regarding our fabulous speakers as well as venue asap. Stay tuned.

If you loved our WIT discussion or you missed it and you don’t want to miss this one, ticket sales are already open!

Questions: Mauri Schwartz, or Shazia Virji,

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